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When Sasha's baby girl Polina was born in 2010, she quickly realized that most commercial baby skin care products didn’t work well with Polina's sensitive skin. Even the "Pediatrician-recommended" brand names turned her newborn's skin red and itchy. Switching to simple oils and butters produced great results and made Sasha realize that her baby's reaction was probably caused by all the nasty chemicals in the store-bought products. Over time, Sasha began experimenting with different oil combinations and various recipes found in health blogs. Often frustrated by bad formulas and wasted expensive additives, she wished there was something to help her experiment stress-free and create individual products with all the necessary ingredients, clear instructions and successful recipes. That's how the idea of Elixour and its do-it-yourself kits for bath and body products started brewing.

In March of 2014, Sasha mentioned to Marina the idea of selling DIY kits for making your own natural bath and body products and ready-to-use healthy blends. Marina’s first question was “Well, what I am putting on my face now?” The packaging indicated “All Natural” products manufactured by a global cosmetics conglomerate, so it was only natural to assume that the product delivered all the promised goodness printed on the label. Taking a closer look at the ingredient list, she was surprised to see formaldehyde, triclosan, and paraben being part of this "goodness". The first component has been shown to cause cancer according to American Cancer Society (1), second is currently under investigation by FDA after research that links it to altered hormone regulation in animals (2), and the last one topped her off with a dose of increased risk of breast cancer (3). Ouch!! The realization that cosmetics manufacturers did not sit and squeeze actual lavender oil into each jar of body butter did not hurt as much as realizing the amount of money she spent in the past 20 years on “natural beauty products” when all she was paying for was pretty packaging. She began to do research about truly “good for you” beauty products and came to a standstill as there were not that many options on the market. Creation of Elixour just started to make sense.

We are Marina and Sasha - lifelong friends, passionate DIYers and health freaks who believe that your bodies deserve safe and natural care, free of toxic chemicals that fill most commercial bath and body products.  We also believe that you don't need a fancy lab to make your own products but you can create them right in your own kitchen with a few ingredients and tools that you already have in your pantry.  We make it simple for you. With clear instructions and all the ingredients included in our DIY kits, there is no need to purchase in bulk, search the sea of blogs for that great recipe, and waste your money on trial and error. We've already perfected each formula to provide you with an enjoyable experience and the best results. And, of course, you can always purchase a ready-to-use product if you don't feel like cooking!
Happy Mixing! 

Sasha and Marina